Who we are?

Reliance Gate for Trade and Agencies LLC. (RG) Reliance Gate for Trade and Agencies LLC. Is a company established in 1995 and after a successful start, it was decided to respond to the market demand by offering diversified service to the region.

Reliance Gate operates in various fields of business manifolds, Aviation support, technical Consulting and Commercial Agencies.

Reliance Gate resident staff and associate partners provide a broad base of technical and operational subject matter experts with more than 100 years of accumulated experience in manifold sectors .

In addition to the work of Reliance Gate in the field of logistics services, which including shipping, inland transport, and storage. Through a cadre qualified and experienced in this area in addition to its partnership with foreign companies

And Reliance Gate is a certified trustee for the US Embassy and the Jordanian Armed Forces for joint projects between the United States and the Jordanian Government / Armed Forces.

Reliance Gate is an approved agent for R&B Airplane Supplies-USA, DF YOUNG – USA, Global Aviation SA-Greece, Final Mile Logistics and JLVM

The program will provide access to e-learning courses and special pricing for courseware, certification exams and https://college-homework-help.org designer tools.

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